Wellness Hub - Day Clinic

Wellness Hub is a day clinic focused on handling Primary health care and seek to promote the health and the total well-being of the people. Wellness Hub handles wide range of health services to provide adequate health care for the people including Eye Clinic, Dental Clinic, Immunization center for both adults and children and a Pharmacy.

Our Eye Clinic offers full comprehensive eye examination for all our patients and we also educate them on all they need to know pertaining to the eyes and various preventive measures

Our Dental Clinic provides we provide a wide range of services including General Dentistry and we educate our patients on preventive care

We also provide all forms of immunization for children and adults.

We are open between the hours of 7am to 7pm daily.

Over-the-Counter Medicines

Flexibility- Our clients can change their hospitals/service providers every month while they can also upgrade their health plan benefits at any time during the policy period.

Health Consultancy Services

Convenience- Our client’s member card offers them stress-free access to our national network of over 400 best-in-class primary, secondary and specialist hospitals even when they are outside their area of normal residence.

Ambulance Services

Our Day Clinic Services extend beyond the First care services from our Doctors to emergency services based on referral and on-demand.

General body Checkup

Numerous clients have benefited from our highly subsidized general body checkup, so if you are thinking it has been a while you knew health status or you have a symptom that gives you concern, simply walk in into our hub today.

Major Services at the Hub

Speak to a Doctor


Call an Ambulance


Hub Location

No. 15, Adesoye Street, Mende, Maryland, Lagos, Nigeria.