Wellness Health Management Organisation

Wellness HMO is a foremost national Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) established to positively revolutionize healthcare financing and delivery in Nigeria. Her business is underwriting health risk of various groups and individuals based on sound insurance and risk management principles. 
Mission Statement
To innovatively provide our clients with stress-free access to qualitative healthcare through responsive and superior professional services. 
Our Products
We work with our corporate partners through the development of innovative and high quality healthcare solutions that offer them superior service experience, much convenience and flexibility which ensure that they derive maximum value from their money. Our full range of quality healthcare solutions includes:
Corporate Health Solution
Retail Health Insurance Scheme
Education Health Solution
  • Pre-tertiary Schools Health Plan
  • Tertiary Institution Social Health Insurance Programme (TISHIP)
Community-based Health Solutions
  • Community Group Health Plan
Our Service Offerings

As an innovative HMO, we offer our customers a world of unique benefits because we know that our clients deserve only the best even beyond the basic healthcare cover. Some of these benefits include:


Flexibility- Our clients can change their hospitals/service providers every month while they can also upgrade their health plan benefits at any time during the policy period.
Convenience- Our client’s member card offers them stress-free access to our national network of over 400 best-in-class primary, secondary and specialist hospitals even when they are outside their area of normal residence.
Seamless Referral System- Our clients can take maximum advantage of the wide range of medical specialists available within and outside ournetwork of service providers through our end-to-end referrals system.
Continuous Engagement and Interaction- Through our Client Engagement Programme, our clients can benefit from regular updates about their health plan and have access to general health information. This programme has as its components monthly e-newsletter, on-site health talks and health checks; and short-message-service of topical health issues.
24-hour Call Centre Service- our hotlines provide you with round-the-clockaccess to us for enquiries about your scheme eligibility, plan benefits and hospital access issues thereby removing all barriers to quality care and service.
    Enrollee Feedback Programme- our feedback programme is designed to enable us feel our clients’ pulse so that they are better served.




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